In the depths of the lockdown, when the world seemed to stand still, Mark and Josh, decided to create a platform that would not only showcase the talents of DJs, creatives, and artists but also breathe life into the hidden gems of world music that rarely grace the mainstream airwaves.

SVARA - a space for music lovers and a symbol of change through music. The Vision Driven by our love for music and a desire to uplift the voices and sounds that often go unheard. We created a space where artists, both established and emerging, could share their craft with the world. Our aim was to raise the frequency, stimulate thought, and drive change through the universal language of music.

SVARA has a commitment to diversity. It's not about following the mainstream trends but rather exploring the uncharted waters of global soundscapes. From traditional tunes to experimental beats, the platform opens the door to music that transcends boundaries. Music has the power to unite us. It knows no borders, no divisions, and no prejudices. The radio serves as a testament to our vision of connecting cultures and taking the listeners on a journey across continents, allowing them to immerse themselves into a wide selection of world music.

Tune in, embrace the unique. Let's raise the frequency and create change, one song at a time.