Hugo Chegwin Q&A

Last month we were joined by Kurupt FM Selector Hugo Chegwin AKA DJ BEATS F for a special live mix and Q&A session. We spoke about his beginnings in pirate radio and his influences in music as he geared up to embark on his first national solo tour. Here's what he had to say:

Favourite current artist?

Cass is dead, do you like that answer? That was pure.

Any connections to Liverpool?

Yes. Spent a lot of my childhood and summer holidays here. My dad, uncle and aunt were born here so yeah, Sefton Park area.

Favourite Music Venue?

Plastic People in East London.

Advice for upcoming DJs?

Man I don't know, trust your gut, keep it 100. Only you can do you so do you to the maximum.

Favourite meal deal? 

Sam's Chicken.

What artist has influenced you most and why?

This is probably weird but Pharrell, just because he is just himself 100% and he effects more than music like culture, fashion, music and skin care (haha). 

Can we be expecting any guests on your tour?

I hope so. Now you've said it that actually sounds like a really good idea. So I haven't thought about that yet. I'm quite narcissistic (haha) it's all about me.

First piece of music you purchased? 

I don't know. Oh yeah, let's get ready to rumble PJ & Duncan. That's not cool sorry, I got cooler with age (haha), and then got really uncool again. 

Weirdest thing you've seen at a festival? 

A guy eating a chicken carcass out of a bin, it was disgusting. At Boomtown.

One thing you could remove from this summer? 

This summer? Glastonbury, it was sick. 

Ideal line up at a festival?

Oh man, okay, Like anyone or UK? Right so Cass is Dead. Then I would have the clips, Alchemist DJ set, EZ is weird such a weird line up. This is really uncool but Drake, everyone loves Drake. Drake is the hardest its unfortunate to say but it's true.

Where do you get your inspiration from fashion wise? 

I guess there was, I don't know if this is boring, when I was growing up I feel streetwear was just becoming a thing and I think there's a specific era of it like the early grime era we were talking about were its mixed with like Japanese streetwear. That makes me sound really intellectual, I know nothing about Japan, but I like their clothes. I also like skateboarder fashion like Palace.

Dinner with one person dead or alive?

Larry David

East coast or West Coast?

East coast, I mean I love West Coast, like Kendrick Lamar. I feel east coast when I was growing up was influential, clothing choices and things like that. 

Favourite film? 

Oh man, Akira. That makes me sound smart.

Are you looking forward to playing Meraki? 

Yes. 100%.

Favourite genre of music?

Rap, oh I don't know man that's really hard. I listen to rap the most but I like the other UK music, I'm like weirdly patriotic, musically. 

Tell us about the pirate radio back in the day.

My experience with pirate radio was different. It was fun, exciting, probably no one was listening. It was like an adventure, you would go into like a weird trap house, there was no toilet. It was fun, it was magic. 

What does garage music mean to you? 

A lot, garage music changed my life. It got me into music and I sort of as I got older tried to fit in didn't think it was cool anymore but it is, its amazing. Iv seen I go from being never played in festivals, never been played in certain clubs to it now being a staple of both. It's an English music staple, no one else does garage like we do.

Favourite style of sneaker? 

I have two. Air max 95, or Air Max 1. I have wasted a lot of money on the both of them. 

Catch Hugo's live set from the night here: