The evening commenced with Eastern Bloc's Maxxitrax, taking us on an interdimensional journey of dystopian bleeps and rhythms. This set the stage for what was to come. With each track, the anticipation grew, dropping classic tracks such as Regis' "Speak to Me"; this was not to be missed.

Up next, resident and founder DJ Fabrication took command of the decks. With his signature style, he guided us through a labyrinth of genre-bending soundscapes, each twist and turn keeping us on the edge of our senses. Starting slow and deliberate, the journey unfolded, morphing into harsher realms and unexpected surprises.

The night reached its climax as North Wales' own Becket and Zak Williams took control, unleashing a relentless barrage of pounding techno. Their set was a no-frills affair, a cathartic release of rhythm seamlessly chopping between different eras of techno. They led us on a visceral journey, leaving us spent yet exhilarated.